Yesterday I stumbled upon e2. Today I have engrossed myself in reading the thoughts, opinions, random writings of the many that frequent this site. I put up one node yesterday, it was killed rather quickly. So now I journey through trying to learn about this place that has so quickly taken my attention. This is what I learn.

This place has so much to offer, I am delighted to read others daylogs, to know the activities and thoughts of strangers. I am saddened by the waste of space by noders who put up how to make a smoke bomb as if the Anarchist Cookbook wasn't in 300,000 other places on the net. I have come to a point in my internet life that nothing interest anymore. Porn was cool when I was 13, Cracking was a mere fleeting thought at 16, I prefer the phone over email. The internet had lost interest for me. But this site, is unlike nothing I have encountered on the net.

I don't really know what I was planning to write in this. But I wanted to share my excitment at my new find. A place where I don't forsee boredem of searching. Avoid the nodes that are wasteful, I suppose that is merely an opinion than fact, and search out the nodes that possess wonderful thoughts, beautiful writing, and inspiring speech.

Thank you, for using the web for something useful again!