My father, being an eccentric fellow, often took to engaging the Homeless People around his work in conversation as he made his way there. Dad would bike when the weather was nice, and when it wasn't, he would drive this really beat up old 1982 Honda with a rust hole in the roof large enough to swallow several people whole.

He got to know a man named Percy, who would panhandle the street where my father's office was. The conversation (according to my father) follows:

Percy: Hey man, you got any money? I so hungry!
Father: Well, I'm on my lunch break. Why don't you come to McDonald's with me?
Percy: Oh, no, you don' see. I so hungry. I haven't eaten all day I so hungry!
Father: Well, an average McDonald's meal has more than enough calories for a days intake. Come on.
Percy: I buy my own food. My own food.
Father: Um ... I don't think so.

They continue haggling for a while, my dad finally manages to take Percy to McDonalds. Upon leaving the place, Dad sees Percy giving away the food to the other bums on the street. Not so hungry, apparently.

Another great homeless person experience my father had: A bum once walked up to him on the street, said, "I'm not lonely. I've got myself to bother." and walked away.