A syndicated comic strip with no particular running plot line. Six aspiring female artists, all of whom had encountered difficulty in breaking into the largely male dominated comics industry. Really, how many girls draw comic strips? Cathy Guisewhite, who draws Cathy, and a few other, obscure ones.

The artists are Isabella Bannerman, Margaret Shulock, Rina Piccolo, Ann Telnaes, Kathryn LeMieux, and Stephanie Piro. They (in theory) each draw one day a week, and then take turns doing the Sunday Strip. In reality, I think I see less styles than that. Maybe a few of them are slacking off?

Because of the many artists, there isn't a plot line and very few recognizable characters. Even the ones I have started to see repeatedly are typically unnamed. The theme that ties the strip together is an attention to women, and women's issues.