Yuck. Some days you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed (even though you're tucked into a tiny corner of a dorm room and there's ONLY one side to wake up on) and feel like crap for no good reason.

You never node lyrics, but you're just so blank that you go ahead and node a little bit of your favorite album because infant reflexes simply aren't moving you at this point, even though you'll have to know all about those reflexes for the test and noding is a good way to study. You promptly receive a mini-lecture about capitilization and a sort of snide feeling that you shouldn't be noding lyrics at all. Thanks. I am NOT an idiot. Never talk to me like that again. Except you haven't got the guts to talk back, so you slide about and simply rant about it in a day journal. Coward.

Sigh. Alright, so now let's move into first person. Can I expect a lecture about using the proper tense? I'm typically the worst of the grammar nazis, and so of course my fello nazis annoy me to no end. Erik Erikson and Freud would call that a defense mechanism against my own faults.

The problem with taking and really loving a child development class is that all of the sudden you know all these things about yourself and your parents that you really didn't care to know. I can just read through my notes and get to thinking about how I don't think I'll ever become a useful member of society, or about how it is TOO late to become any smarter, the synapses in my brain are already connected, and from here on out its downhill.

Well, this isn't helping. Thought it would. I suppose I'll go outside and bike around and figure out that it isn't important to be esteemed on e2. It'd just be nice.