so it's a lonely red light 4:50 am, and it's all i can think about, although it's all i should expect.

the chrominance decoder's been all fucked up for 34 years strait now.... can't see the minutes until theyre 50 seconds over... used to have to corner on that 1/30 second response, but its faded as the hair has fallen out. all has fallen on the floor, careless like so many dropped ice creams and dreams, the fruity flavors flooded and mashed underfoot like so many garage sale advertisements - i hate america
They had been surviving on tomatoes foraged from a nearby farm.

a man pounds a wall, he hears a sound and he knows it is there
a philosopher puts down one foot on the pavement, he hears a sound and knows that the ground is moving too fast for him to move through

too much is implied, not enough said.... the reeds on every instrument have some kind of fearful ancient stink and they're all unplayable... the wind just doesnt flow through right anymore

its been 48 hours, lovely, since last i laid my head down and thought of you, but maybe just maybe the telephone ringing will end and i'll answer the call thats never been sounded and can't be heard but In the morning of my life I know I'll be too sober to remember you.

goodbye, gorgeous, it's been a beautiful invasion