Code Pink is the term typically used in hospitals for a possible infant abduction.

Most hospitals have a number of codes which are used to specify the type of emergency situation when one occurs. Code Red is usually used when a fire breaks out. Code Blue signifies cardiac arrest or adult medical emergency. Hospitals may have codes for bomb threats, hazardous material spill/release, combative persons, and others. While there is not yet a standard used by all hospitals, many use the same color codes for certain emergencies.

After a Code Pink alarm has been issued, hospital staff are to make note of suspicious characters. Often security has a special plan deploying its personnel and blocking all exits from the area until the child is either found or the abduction found to be a false alarm.

According to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences infant security test, characteristics of an abductor include:

Usually female
Usually overweight
Generally no prior criminal record
Usually gainfully employed
While appearing normal, likely to be emotionally immature and compulsive
Suffers from low self-esteem
May wish to replace a lost infant of a child she is unable to conceive
Usually has given birth to at least one child
May be married or cohabitating although the spouse/cohabitant is not an accomplice