I had a dream about..sitting inside a library, reading or listening to some rendition of something by Toscany, who was supposed to be an Italian playwright or other. But he was a farmer, I think, and ridiculed by his own country.

And then in part of my dream I was sitting in a parking lot. I lost the Camry for some reason. I think. I was parked out by Woodbridge High and then I left the keys sitting on top of the car and somebody stole it when I came back, which was kind of a dumb thing to do. It was like while I was moving the Acura I left the keys sitting on top of the car. The keys were stolen and we were sitting in the Acura, it was like me and Cythia or something. Doris was there. I think Cynthia's parents were in the dream. What happened was we sat there for a little bit, wondering what we should do. I think I was mostly in denial, waiting for the white car (Camry) to come back.

And they (people in general!) were preparing for war and an aircraft carrier came by and was going to pick up something. And other Aegis ships were getting moved from here to there. And there was all sorts of military machinery. So I was just waiting there. And it was really exciting for me to be able to see all the aircraft or boats or whatever being transported. But then what happened was, because we were Asian, we started getting questioned to test our English or Chinese or whatever and so I think Sandy was questioned and this man started asking questions in Chinese about random things. Like..whether or not we drank alcohol or something. And how long ago she started learning certain Chinese characters and weird stuff like that. What a crazy dream.