Return to Dust my eyes with myriad stars (place)

[A glimmer in my eye|Agime] walked through
where we kept our dessicated
taxidermy and [a stuffed bear, a hallway lined with dinosaur tracks|faded handpainted savana trees]
butterflies pinned in their cases by the clock hall
[cat soup|metal alchemical skeletal whirring] and clicking

nearly the other side of the world
at the opposite of a museum (a gas station)
i am sitting caught in a breeze, window rolled to an inch
( smell of the road on a long trip )
that streetlight feeling of reststop highway exhaust
a chain pizza shop with tired and unexpectedly friendly staff
having the kind of day you can tell that smile is their first
relieved laughter

[One by one we threw our eyes into the sea|But at the museum the named one is walking].
"We come in with nothing," [Your veil across the stars|Yvats] says,
dew forming under the soles of her feet and
along the path she traces with her finger
across the glass of the butterfly case,
"[come name their bone dance|and we come out with nothing]."
The butterflies twitch under her gaze as
if trying to escape their tiny deaths
but suddenly the glass falls away and
the wood falls away and they are free up around her
they are landing everywhere , on the prosthetic cavemen
on the dinosaur bones hung like dark [the sheet symbolizes wind, the wind carries away the mind|sheets]
( now they appear feathered as they once were , "birds:you tiny echo!" )
all searching for the [skinny dipping|moon] among the motes of dust.

My liver is eaten by vultures;
I push a great stone for miles
[My liver is eaten by vultures.|which gets heavier when I turn my back.]
Whose design is this lock, you million years,
[you abyss, you monsters of undulation|you crazy and unfathomable immortality]!

My friends,
I've found [the moon is a cold chiseled dagger|it]!