Is it my impression, or has June 19 been a good day to a lot of folks? At least when it comes to getting in love? At least it was for me: picture this, it's the last day before an exam, I'm sitting with some friends in the study room, trying like hell to get some studying done, but it's completely hopeless. The day itself had been strange ever since the beginning. That morning, I felt some kind of "spider-sense" warning me:” get shaved today!” I did, unaware how this lifting up of personal appearance would be just one piece of a puzzle that would fit perfectly. Anyway, there I was trying to solve the damn exercise, when finally we gave up. We eventually decided to skip study at all, one of my buddies picks up his mobile and after a few minutes comes bursting in shouting about some place that's full of girls who just invited some friend of his, who just called him asking if we wanted to come. I remember so vividly what I felt that moment: strangely enough I didn't get so scared like I usually do, I actually thought "cooolll" and kinda smiled to myself. So there we went to the place, it was in walking distance from the college, well; everything is, really, since this is a small town. We entered through the door, the atmosphere was very nice, smokey and comfy, just the way I liked it. We headed to the 2nd floor, and then the girls acknowledged my buddy's friend. I sit down in some sort of couches, and started making conversation with a cute girl, amazingly I started having fun: instead of being always afraid of whether or not the conversation is going well or not, I actually start "having" a conversation with a girl. And having fun! It’s amazing. Anyway, fast-forward a bit: that girl has already left, but gave me her number, now I'm talking to another. Her. To the most incredible woman I've ever talked. She's intelligent, sensible; she's everything I've always wanted in a woman. And she's just like me. Later day night we went to a disco to dance, but I didn't try anything, my feelings for her are so strong they are scary.Is she the one? God, what a night.