The corporate American media is not liberal. Just think of how quickly their news outlets began to beat the drum of war when it became clear George W. Bush's eyes were set on invading Iraq. The absence of rational debate about whether or not a war should take place, the lack of coverage of the anti-war movement, and the media's reliance on journalists embedded with the US military shows where the bias lay.

The people who own media outlets want their political views to be reflected in the coverage of those media outlets. It's no coincidence that Fox News, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a staunch conservative, is conservative as well. If you own something, you can make it say what you want, and you can make it leave out what you want.

In this respect, the liberal media in America is a myth: although there exist individual reporters who are certainly left wing, the ownership is conservative.

In another way, the liberal media is very much alive. It is a media that is not necessarily left wing, but that is free of corporate control.

You just have to look and listen a little harder for it. Alternative news outlets, such as those run out of local campus and cooperative radio stations, public access televison, and independent newspapers, can offer an ideological counter to the coverage offered by corporate media outlets. Pacifica radio, NPR, radio shows such as Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News and the web-based Independent Media Center all offer various "degrees" of independent coverage for newsies seeking different viewpoints.

I use two rules when I get news. I remember that all media are biased, and I try to gather information from a variety of sources with varied ownership.