The Elephant Dance is a dance designed by and specifically for dance-floor assholes. The basic premise is that you want to take up as much dance floor space as possible. You do this by spreading your legs as far apart as you can, and waving your arms about as frantically as possible. Not an easy dance to do to a beat, but if anyone questions or accuses you of, "having no rhythm" , you simply say, "I'm Dancing to the music in my head"

Other problems which have been known to arise from practitioners of The Elephant Dance, are chronic neck and back pain, pain in the joints (due to overextension of the arms) and serious head injuries caused by falling onto the hard floor due to loss of balance from leaning back too far, or swinging the arms back too quickly.

Do not allow this write-up to discourage you from engaging in The Elephant Dance. It's merely here to let you know some of the possible consequences if it is not done correctly. But when it is done so, it can be one of the greatest dances to do. It will impress your friends and gives you a light buzz with out the aid of the drugs commonly associated with the dance or rave scene.