I love the winter, I always have, and suspect I always will.

I want to spend winter wandering the streets of New York, watching people shop, and watching the snow fall onto the crowded streets,

I want to spin under the grey sunless sky...

I want to feel Christmas in New York.

I want to wear a heavy coat, and feel warm, and fuzzy,

I want to know why the whole world doesn't live there, I want to know why I don't live there,

I want to stroll through Little Italy, and Greenwich Village.

I want to stop into a small coffee shop and have a cup of chicken noodle soup, and watch the people walking in and out of the trendy, hip, new place across the street.

I want to watch the couples, so in love, going home to spend their first Christmas in their new apartment. It's not the nicest place, and they don't have much, but they have each other, and that's all they need.

I want to hug a frozen light pole, let the city know I love it on Christmas. Let it know that I will never take it for granted. The city is alive, and it needs to be hugged once in awhile, just like everyone else.

I want to sit in front of my fireplace, sipping hot chocolate, and watching the nightly news.

I want to walk into Macys and see the wonderful display that they set up, just for me.

I want to watch the snowplows moving down the streets.

I want to see store employees wearing green & red ties, and elf hats, not because they have to, but because they want to, and it's Christmas.

I want to listen to music with pipes and soft, plucked guitar lines.

I want to hear Bing Crosby, dreaming of a White Christmas, and knowing that right here, right now, his dream is coming true.

I want to stay like this forever. Locked in this perfect moment. Forever being allowed to feel this way, this content...

suggested listening: "A cloud to the back" - Sam Prekop "Blue thunder" - Galaxie 500 "Talking shit about a pretty sunset" - Modest Mouse