He writes beautiful words that draw pictures in my mind and pull out the emotions in my heart, meshing them all together I become so overwhelmed that the feelings are forced out through the tears on my cheek. I've known him for years, this wonderful guy who's smile can brighten a room, so full of a love and energy for life I feel I can hardly keep up sometimes.

I awoke a few mornings ago with his warmth against my back. My mouth felt dry and I could tell my body would ache in the coming days. He runs his hands through my hair and I force the thought from my mind, but it comes, anyway. What the hell have I done?

We've been friends for years. Just friends. We go out and we do things, we talk, we laugh, we share, we enjoy the company of one another. But it's always been just friends. It was never anything more. He never showed much interest in me. I never had much interest in him, even despite all the wonderful things about him.

But that night.. that night was so beautiful. And I've always known what a wonderful person he is but it never jumped out at me like it did that night. We said things to each other than came from another place, kissed each other as if we'd been waiting for years. And yet...

He's 4'8" tall (or short), and I'm 5'6". I'm not one of those people who gives much thought to such things. I've had dates and boyfriends with men of all shapes and sizes and it's always been so much more about what's on the inside. Or so I thought. Why then am I hesitant about him? I thought to myself, you know, if he wasn't so much shorter than me, would I even question it? And my answer came easily. No.

Is it so wrong to want to be able to walk down the street, arm in arm, and lean over and kiss someone? To lay in bed with legs tangled together with laughter and hugs? I feel so ashamed for the way I feel. I feel like screaming at myself for being so stupid. Would I really pass up such a wonderful person simply because of height?