A band. The Disco Biscuits are on the leading edge of improvised rock fusion headfuckery. As young musicians with diverse influences, guitarist Jon "The Barber" Gutwillig, keyboardist Aron Magner, drummer Sam Altman and bassist Marc Brownstein have developed a repertoire of over 80 original songs in their short five years together. These songs act as springboards to exquisite, intense exploratory jams, creating mind-expanding soundscapes which draw equally from the high-tech worlds of drum n bass, progressive house and psychedelic / Goa trance as well as laid-back reggae dub, progressive rock and jazz. It isn't out of the question to even hear some salsa beats go down during one of the Biscuits' marathon sets.

These "leaders of a jam-band renaissance", as Rolling Stone called them, are almost always touring, so you have no excuse for not checking them out! If you are broke, you could always download a few full shows from www.hearlive.com!

Just added: If you'd like to get any live Disco Biscuits on CD-R from me (B&P style), I can help you out. Just /msg me!