I haven’t noded in six months, though it has probably gone unnoticed. I have been riding out the few remaining months of my system administration job with nothing but e2, megatokyo and pepsi one to keep me together. Shanoyu told me Tuesday morning that Hermetic killed himself. I read his nodes, hell I have probably read at least one node by everyone in the last year. I feel it now, the essence of everything as a community and this is one for the few things that has pulled me through the stress, confusion and anger of the last few days. It seems like such an idiotic thing to focus on as death rides across the east coast, this silly web site and all it’s strange, strange denizens. I can’t understand it, however I am thankful for anything at this moment in time.

Though I feel I am one of the more or less unknown everythingians, and perhaps my ego precedes me, I simply want to express something towards the community as a whole as well as extend my own thanks to everyone, however miniscule their contribution.

I’m not so sure this makes a lot of sense, I am in a bad space right now and perhaps sometime in the future I will return to this sad node and revise it.


-- Steve “rad” Simensen