Fell asleep listening to Richard D James' Selected Ambient Works Volume II. Those of you who have heard the masterpiece that is said album, you know that this could lead to some interesting dreams.

Floating in a collumn of dark blue liquid. It's so blue, but I can see through it, all around me a blue world. Purple orbs float lethargicly upwards, always upwards. The green cones float down, this is their sole duty, their only function. The pace increases, things are going faster now. Specks of ruby are introduced to the system, contrasting all that the world stands for. At first they are small, so small that I can't even see them but I know they are there. They grow bigger, like beautiful gems of pure crimson. They bleed out, polluting the wonderful blue dream liquid. The cylinder is ensconsed in red.

Down through a small rusty grate go me and the red substance. In a barren white room, serile and lonely. Winds born of hades wip around the non-landscape, rasping my naked flesh but it is of no matter, I feel nothing. I watch as these hellish winds tear away at the nothingness, revealing new horror.

A broken wasteland, a broken man my only guide. Still the winds blow, still they absolve me of my feelings. The beauty of the first dillusion is lost to me, all I know is this place. A cube of nothingness walks by in the way one would imagine a cube would walk. It glares at me with it's blank white faces, moving slowly into the void on my right. Strange, but still it fails to arouse me. Then he comes, subtly and with violence unmatched. A lanky freak, his limbs more than five feet in length crawling towards me and away at the same time. His body is covered in tribal tattoos, his face twisted and showing the futility of his struggle. Ripped asunder by dislogic, a gigantic baby replaces the disgusting man. It wails unmatched, silenced only by a tiny mother, clad all in black, demanding that it shut up. This is a land of great hatred, but I can only love it for it is of my own creation.

The world slowly comes to an end, time twisting and convulsing until it is no more. A brief vision of blue engulfs my field of vision, just before I am awakened.