I read an interview once with Australian comedic singer/songwriter Kevin Bloody Wilson in which he was asked if he was a Sexist.

He replied that of course he was. "I shag women and I don't shag men. That's sexual discrimination but its just the way I am"

Most people are similarly sexist. Although I sleep with both men and women, I do make certain assumptions about people when first meeting them. Strangely one of the first things I notice about them is their gender and before I've even gotten to know that person my brain is busy pattern matching that fact with previous observarions.

In a sexual scenario if the cute blonde is a bloke then often sex will be free of commitment and free of emotional entanglements. If she's a chick then she's unlikely to flash me her tits, drink me under the table and beat me at pool.

There are many exceptions: ladettes who would disprove the latter and new men to disprove the former but that is not the point.

All it boils down to is that if you hold your assumptions to have self evident truth you will be unlikely allow these literally exceptional people to enrich your life as fully as they could

If you are unaware that you are sexist then you will make assumptions that will have an effect of your life and the lives of people around and these will be assumptions that you that you cannot control.

If you have or seek a position of responsibility in society then society will not allow you to discriminate based on your personal unproven assumptions.

So look in the mirror and say it with me (girls too)

I am a Sexist.