Oy... a complete lack of anything to do. My friend is here right now, and my sister is on my "client" machine (okay, the two computers are both servers logged into each other, whatever the hell works, don't knock it), otherwise, my friend would be severely owned in Action Half-Life. I'm gonna yank my 3dfx board out of my upstairs (compaq )machine so that I can at least get a framerate downstairs... but then I'll be running on a cheezy built-in aging ATI Rage 3d upstairs. it's a compromise, what with the texture problems I've run into, but the sis 530 that's downstairs. that block of cyber-ballast can't even RENDER IN 3D! (wow, thnx best buy, for that delightful "3d accelerator" that came with my PC... and the damn thing disagrees with X too!)
O strongly want two computers of my own. less interaction with my family. I love them... but they're always getting in the way of the computer.
I wanna play action half-lfie. Damn, I'll have to go downstairs and install beta3 again before I can install the new patch, before he and I can play...
I'm still recovering from a bike accident... I as going downhill, when I had to hit the brakes due to an oncoming car... just my luck, the front brakes seized up on me, flipping the entire fifty-pound, 20-year-old racing-style mountain bike, and throwing me to the ground. I came up dazed, confused, and okay, imo, but the paramedics that were conveniently located off to the side decided that they had to immobilize me and send me off to a hospital. The board they sent me on was hard as a rock, and was making my ass hurt, and the pressure they were using to 'immobilize my neck' was giving me one hell of a headache in the frontal lobes. I had to wait for two hours, then wait for the x-rays, then wait as they took my x-rays, then wait as they reviewed my x-rays, then I got stitches on the right side of my face, just to the right of my eye. It perfectly compliments the stitches I got on the left side of my face, above the eye, for ramming a wrought-iron table as a wee kiddie. That was july the second, I believe... I didn't know the date (summer vacation) until the nurse asked me for it, and had to tell me the date herself... it's now the fourth. I had my hair washed by my dad (can't trust me to do it, heaven forbid, I might get the stitches wet!) and the right side of my face is swelling up, and will be driving me nuts shortly. I'll try to rub it until my hands become covered with antibiotic cream and i'm forced to shoot myself. With water, of course.
Not much going on... just got the new ahl patch that brings it to compatibility with half-life or whatever the hell they call it. I got a new mod today, "Goldeneye", which kicks ASS. as a big fan of the orig. n64 game (which, not owning an n64, i was forced to play only at my friend's house) I'm happy with what they did to it. I can only hope that they make some mission-objective-style missions (like the Assault missions in unreal tournament). I'm tired, my eyes are sore... and now explorer is crashing on me.
Damned windows TCP networking... i was trying to get ICS working on my aptiva (downstairs) but it as all to no avail... I have no clue why, it was working fine before...
I hate windows networking.
parents calling, have to vacate computer area... gotta see what they want... I hope that I'll be trusted with some fireworks when the time's right. also, I want some black powder and ping-pong balls... another time.
Yours painfully,
The Relayer: LiquidSnake
looking back on this, damn, my summer life sucks.
i gotta find something better to do than node and read Tom Clancy. I'm already over 400 pages through Red Storm Rising... which i started after school got out... damn.
update: I got both comps up and running, got AHL installed/working on each... but now i'm downloading my openGL drivers for the ATI Rage PRO that is soldered onto my upstairs' motherboard... if I'm lucky, it'll add transparency... because, well, it really blows when my entire screen goes blue underwater.
I'm still bored... i'm up to page 500 in Red Storm Rising. Damn, Clancy must be anti-Communist!
I tried showering despite my wounds... it worked, and i'm now a clean snake. I'm still kinda miserable, but my ranting from last night kinda helped cool me off... now, i've just got to wait a few hours for the damn drivers to download. I want to play half-life. Maaaaan... I'm going through withdrawl. My friend, when he came over, brought over his N64 and Goldeneye... he owned me, and I owned my brother, and my brother owned the "Where's the Armor? Where's the Ammo?" awards.