I'm tired and I'm bored. The two combine in my psyche, making my head hurt and my heart feel emptier than it should be. I want to do something, anything. I want to accomplish. I want to do something for the ages. But nothing comes to mind. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut... Nothing is happening. The day goes by, and tomorrow I'll feel the same way.

Lately, I've been thinking too deeply. I don't know... it just feels like there's absolutely nothing to do. I'll be here, hopefully, for fifty, sixty years more. Then I'll die. And what? What? I'll slip into obscurity... nobody'll go, Oh, there's Mason, he's the person that had 2000 mp3s! or something... maybe I should try to learn a programming language. At least then, I might be able to do something instead of sitting here musing about doing nothing. So how 'bout it? Anybody want to tutor me?