From a writeup above: The question, for me, ends up not being "What's wrong with them?" but "What's wrong with a society where women's pussy is more of a money-maker than her mind?"


Nothing at all.

This will undoubtedly offend the romantics and idealists among us, but I must say it.

You and I exist today for one reason, and one reason only: to reproduce.

No. You are not here to become a physicist, an engineer, or a teacher. You're here to fuck.


Let me talk a bit to back up those statements.

You and I and every human born today are born with a set of instinctive behaviors. These behaviors are passed through our genetic material, and are so deeply rooted in our being that we posses them from birth.

A newborn human somehow knows to cry, to suckle, and to huddle against warmth. These instinctive behaviors are inseparable from a person, indeed, they are that person.

Of these embedded behaviors, the most powerful is survival. Every single dog, cat, tree, and bacteria desires, above all, to survive. The goal of survival guides a creature's actions more so than any other.

Of interest to us, however, is the second most powerful drive. This is the drive to reproduce. When a creature manages to survive, and believes its offspring have a fair chance at survival as well, it will reproduce. This behavior is as ingrained as you can get. Without ever being taught, two animals know instinctively how to reproduce and care for their young.

OK, so what the hell does this have to do with the original topic of this w/u? Well, we are just another species of animal. Yes, we happen to be incredibly smart and have been successful in our attempts at surviving, but we're simply another animal living on this planet. So, even though we have come up with such silly ideas as civility and manners, we still feel the tug of our most basic, instinctive desires.

As the average human is not particularly worried about being killed, we turn to our next desire, reproduction. When we have sex, our brains believe we are reproducing. We are rewarded physically with a flush of endorphins and an orgasm. However, much more importantly, our instincts are satisfied. That is the real reason we like sex so much. The thrill of the physical is nothing compared to the immense sense of "right" we feel. We feel this "right" because we are satisfying a most basic human desire, a desire that has been embedded in every living creature since the beginning of time.

A woman working at a menial job is providing a service to her employer.

A woman working as a prostitute can satisfy one of the most powerful urges we feel as humans.

Does it surprise you at all that the prostitute makes more?

A little clarification: I am not saying the only jobs a woman is capable of are prostitution and menial labor. I am disagreeing with the notion that sex cannot be worth more than what a prostitute could do as alternate employment.