(Pleasantly) "Hi, I'm here to pick up my check."



"Hrm...I don't seem to have anything here."

(sigh) "All right, I'll do down and talk to payroll directly"

(drive to payroll, which is conveniently located in a building 2 miles away from the offices...I can only speculate why)

(A tad annoyed) "Hi, I was looking for my check. I asked in the department office but it wasn't there. I thought it might still be here"

(short, fat, obnoxious little man) "Hrm...no, we don't have it. What's your name?


"Right...okay...hrm. I don't seem to have you in the system"

"Riight...I've been working here for a month and a half. I've yet to get paid. I was told I was going to be paid two Fridays ago, then last Friday, then this one."

"Well, if you're not in the system, you're definitely not going to be paid. Let me check again, what's your social security number?"

(Realizing this is hopeless) "66-66-6666"

"Hrm...nope. Looks like you haven't been entered yet. I'll talk to someone and find out what happened. You'll be paid on Friday"

(anger rising) "No, I will be fucking paid TODAY. I have been here six weeks. I've been trying to get you morons to enter me into the payroll the WHOLE GODDAMN TIME! NOW CUT ME A FUCKING CHECK!!!"

(Clearly not realizing the danger he's in) "Listen, if you're not in the system we can't pay you."

Inhaling sharply, my hands clench into fists. I feel the surge of righteous wrath boiling in my brain. The room suddenly grows cold as its heat is absorbed into my body.

I begin to grow.

Every muscle in me grows taut as the white-hot heat of rage grips me. The dim room is lit by the reddish glow emanating from my body. My head snaps back, eyes closed, arms out to my sides, a hellish scream rips from my body. Glassy eyed, the smallish tub of fat stands helpless before me.

Seven feet tall, I tower above the simple-mid ed fool. I bring my head up again and my eyes open, glowing red in place of white. With every muscle straining, I raise both hands, fingers outstretched, pointing at the now babbling ignoramus. A searing heat tears through my body, racing into my arms. With a jerk, power blasts from my fingers, ripping into his blubbery form. He is immediately thrown into wall behind him, impacting with a sickening crunch. His charred and broken frame slide to the ground, as the smell of burning cellulite fills the air.

With another scream, the power suddenly blasts from my body in all directions, smashing through brick and concrete. The building begins ripping apart from its inside, detonating outward in a horrific explosion.

Standing amidst a pile of rubble, I feel the last remnants of my power fade. I gasp as fatigue attacks my body, drained from expending so much energy at once.

As the dust begins to settle on the smoldering wreckage, a small envelope, its white paper sharply contrasting with the charred landscape, slowly flutters from the sky. Extending my hand, it falls delicately into my palm--alighting as nimbly as a butterfly.

Peering through its white membrane, I can just make out the phrase "Pay to the order of r00k123"

Smiling, I stroll to my car.