A postrock outfit of four members (Jason Anderson, Alex Bundy, Adam Forkner, and Franz Prichard) playing epic, expansive music. Save the occasional use of electronics (Bundy), the equipment is conventional for rock music, with reverberant and chiming guitar lines that sweep in and out in resonant waves. Their sound is not unlike that of Mogwai or even The Doors, having some element of psychedelia and swirling keyboards in their music. Indeed, they are sometimes categorised as being a space-rock group and their Japanese name translates to "dream beats". Drummer Anderson serves as the rhythmic member in this bass-less band, using a minimum of cymbals and snare to drive the music and avoiding syncopated fills altogether. Each piece is wonderfully lengthy (averaging about ten minutes each) and makes nice contemporary fare for the retired emo junkie.

• Auspicious Winds (2000, K Records)
• Yume Bitsu (Ba Da Bing!)

source: AMG All Music Guide (Heather Phares)