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Police on alert after Oldham riot
Extra police officers are patrolling the streets of Oldham after a night of violence between hundreds of Asian youths and police.

US urges Arafat to stop attacks
A US envoy presses Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to stop attacks by militants, following two car bomb blasts in Jerusalem.

Schumacher masters Monaco
Michael Schumacher heads a superb Ferrari one-two at the Monaco Grand Prix, but David Coulthard settles for fifth.

Labour chases crime barons
Home Secretary Jack Straw unveils Labour's plans to seize the assets of crime barons - but the policies come under fire from the Tories.

The New York Times (www.nytimes.com)
Congress approves tax cuts, with rebates this summer
Congress gave final approval to a $1.35 trillion tax cut, voting to reduce all income tax rates over the next five years.

Stressed out? Bad knee? Try a sip of these juices
Big companies like Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble have begun embellishing their products with herbal remedies that are popular, but largely unproven.

As others abandon plains, Indians and bison come back
As the nearly all-white counties of the Great Plains empty out, American Indians are coming home.

Document erases doubts about a McVeigh witness
The missing document, known as a lead sheet, was one of about 4,000 pages of information turned over to lawyers for Timothy J. McVeigh and Terry L. Nichols in recent weeks after the Federal Bureau of Investigation sought to close down its case in preparation for the execution of Mr. McVeigh.

China Daily (www.chinadaily.com.cn)
Reuter Poll: Beijing will win 2008 Olympic bid
Beijing will win July's International Olympic Committee (IOC) vote to stage the 2008 Olympic Games, according to a Reuters poll of leading sports journalists.

Macedonia to cut ties with Taiwan
Macedonia is to suspend "diplomatic ties" with Taiwan more than two years after switching recognition from Beijing to Taipei, the "foreign ministry" in Taipei announced Sunday.

Chemical spill in southern China injures 90
A chemical spill at a closed dye factory in China's southern province of Guangdong injured 90 people after they inhaled toxic fumes.

Philippine gunmen seize 20 on resort island
Gunmen believed to be Muslim rebels seized 20 people on Sunday including three American tourists in a dawn raid on a resort in the southern Philippines, government officials said.

Senior bank official wanted on graft charge
A former director of the Bank of China's branch in the southern island province of Hainan is being sought by police for alleged graft, state media reported Sunday.

Panapress (www.panapress.com)
Namibian orphan, cancer patient, needs help
Namibia Albinos Association (NAA) is appealing to public-spirited individuals and organisations to assist one of its members, Mesag Gwaangoya, 20, an orphan, suffering from skin cancer.

Chissano to step down in 2004
At a time when several African leaders are fiddling with their countries constitutions to cling to power, Mozambican President Joaquim Chissano insists he will stand down when his current term runs out in 2004.

Ugandan press on underpinnings of Powell's trip
The local press in Uganda was this week into speculations on the undeclared aspects of a four- country tour embarked upon by US Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Zimbabwe speaks back after Powell's attacks
Zimbabwe reacted angrily at the weekend to criticisms from US Secretary of State Colin Powell, that President Robert Mugabe was undemocratically clinging to power.

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