Laughter and happiness is what anyone can see reflecting from her eyes. Through the mirror that is all that can be seen, beautiful eyes. What he speaks is hardly relevant, it’s the sound of his voice that captures her into the world she is always drawn into when he is like this. She’ll sometimes get lost in the soothing tones of his speech.

Anyone can see, all she needs is him to pay attention to her, not to kick her in the gutter, to love her, as she loves him would maybe be too much, and she doesn’t pray for this. She is just a child, influenced at his every word. Spiraling love blasts from her like light shone from a star. Endlessly she fights the battle everyone knows is lost. Everyone is convinced she is wasting her time, she is convinced they are wrong.

He blasts her with more blows than he knows imaginable, in everyway he creeps into her being. She promises never to fall in love with a stranger, so she learns his name, learn all about him. And she never forgets

A butterfly with the most beautiful wings, flaps around her cage, slowly tiring, the steady beat of her flight slows, and she is caught in a net, pinned down in a photograph album. Captured, mesmerizing others, and she too is blind to what she does.

Whilst he speaks to her, when she see's his face, she finds all the flaws, and all his imperfections, and loves them. She snaps out of her trance when she realizes he is waiting impatiently for an answer, and she replies, anxiously waiting, he is pleased and so is she.

It’s her fault; she never lets the world know. Locks herself up in a land of make-believe and shuns every escape route away. He can see what the world can do, slowly without knowing how, she realizes she broke his heart too.

Like a firefly she lights up with a buzz when the phone rings, with his slow words, he’s putting out her flame. Every person says, please forget him, he is ripping your wings, he’ll break your heart, they don’t understand; he mends it.

“Good bye”

She whispers and she hangs up, his voice stuck in her head, his hand clutching her heart, and his not knowing, causing her tears.

He stares into the starry night, thinking of what is missing, and she never runs across his mind. She is but another subject in his grasp. He has control of her mind, yet he doesn’t know. Sometimes he hates her but he doesn’t know how to tell her, he plays with the idea but dismisses it, and lets it go like smoke. People tell him, all about how she is his, but he brushes the idea aside

“How ridiculous”

Life’s not fair, why do these temptresses tease me? SO out of reach, his thirst isn’t quenched. What of the fairy princess, who sits and sighs, until he calls upon her? What is she to him if not a princess? She is but an unwanted warrior with an authority, she is there for him to lean on. Whenever he needs her, to please her was but practice, what’s the real thing?

Like a roll of film, with a burnt out hole, a gap is still missing, at the end of the night, before he drifts into sleep, the thought of her may cross his mind…but weather he shields himself from her remains for him to explain to himself, in his dream, his shield keeps her sane, and keeps the demon unleashed

She wishes nothing more for him to be happy, and as he falls asleep, he is protected from the evil in her gaze, because of her love. The smile that plays across his lips as he dreams is what lets us know, but shhh and let it be untold.