... though sometimes gay friend would be an apt description.


What is it that makes people and co-workers misperceive someone's sexual oreintation? I don't think I come off as gay. I don't think I have a gay-sounding voice, or a gay walk. Yet it continues to happen.

Is there something about a man with short hair and one earring? If I wore my hair in a mullet would I still have this problem?

Is it the glasses?

Is it because I pay attention to what people are saying?

Is it because don't own any hockey jerseys?

I'm a dad for chrissakes! I've been married, sired two children, divorced, dumped a string of hopeless girlfriends, had a torrid affair with a good friend's SO...

I mean, heck! I guess there might be things about me that are slightly suspect.

But if there's one thing I truly love (I mean can't-stop-thinking-about-it love) it's women.

I know I don't appear androgynous. I've taken pains to make sure of that.

But through some miscalculation of style, do I somehow seem gay?

props to Alpha42