I had my hair cut Saturday.

I have quite the poofy madness atop my head when I let it grow in peace, as I had been doing since last August. I had a huge, black, puffy afro, with hair over 5 inches long when extended. It would be curly when moist, frizzy and huge long after a shower, or filled with kinky demon curls if I slept while it was wet.

My 'fro was quite a source of amusment when combined with sources of light. ideath, Chihuahua Grub, and Equinoctial were all lucky enough to witness the spectacle of Christmas lights embedded within the puff, emanating a sinister glow. Another time, I stood by the window and looked down to the lounge across the courtyard below. Rick saw me, and from his angle, right behind my head was a large and bright fluorescent light, giving me a greenish fuzzy halo. He jumped up excitedly and pointed and yelled. It was among the cutest things that I have ever seen.

But as of Saturday, it is gone. Away. Weg. Bye-bye. Boom!

I went to the Aveda Institute, the training school for Aveda, over in Minneapolis. I paid my $10 and sat in a room with about 100 student stylists, getting my hair chopped off by a very skilled woman who forgot to give me a scalp massage. Over half my hair disappeared into an impressive mountain on the floor, and my cutter's instructor approved of the result. I have about 2 inches left. It's still curly, at least.


Finals Week is coming up, and classes are ending. My English Syntax class ended on Friday. My professor talked about rather big-picture issues of language change, thanked the class for an enjoyable and interesting term, and walked out of class twenty minutes early. Apparently he always makes a dramatic exit. Later that day, I attended my last Spanish class. We did a relatively enjoyable role-playing activity involving customer service. For example, I was a butcher at a supermarket, and a customer came in complaining about rotten fish. I insisted that I only sold fresh fish and I commented on his "refrigeradora rota" (broken refrigerator). At the end of the class, as we students shuffled out of the room, our classmate Dan said, simply, "It's been fun."

I now have one class and two finals left.


With this writeup, I enter the coveted land of Level 6-dom. (I'm not quite sure if that sentence makes sense.) This means... homenode picture time! As soon as my before-and-after afro photos are developed, I'll put them up. But for now, I shall put a photo from New Year's Eve of me in demo mode.