I just had a rather disturbing encounter with a cat.

I was walking home from the Funhouse at 2 in the morning, just having watched two scary movies: The Shining and Repulsion. As I neared my house, a cat came up to me. It was a black cat with white mitten paws, and was very sweet and friendly. I petted it and remarked on how sweet it was and how it ought to go get out of the rain, and it meowed a lot and nuzzled my legs.

After a minute or so of petting the kitty, I continued on to traverse the last twenty or so steps to my house. But the cat didn't want to let me go. It would walk in front of me and meow indignantly. I walked around it, and it ran in front of me again, almost tripping me. I think it even tried to grab my legs as I walked away. Eventually, I got loose of it. I watched the cat down on the sidewalk as I went up the walk to my front porch. It looked at me, then seemed to chase my shadow, which our porch light cast all the way to the sidewalk. Then the cat darted up onto my lot, past the lawn around the porch to the side of my house, out of view.

I don't think I've ever been afraid of a cat before.