i sit down and see what happens, this is what comes out:

     this is the word is this the word this is not the word that the messed up becomes for the lax remote flax from the good seanos in the france french efrench germany greece with the islands (no nudity} rancid cheese from the dark deep devil like [END START]
     like in the movie that i saw the other night before i broke my watch it was called "sexy beast" it was good it had the devil it was dark and hairy and funny-looking it pointed a gun and kicked the box living in a box
     box; inside the box outside the box thinking outside the box just like my friend linnea who said she couldn't fill in a form cause she would be trying to fit her life into little boxes and she thought outside of the box too much to do that she also edits video
     video i once edited a video we took a class we made a video it was called "the rare and the exotic" it was about animals from different places that were on a farm it won an award it was good it was fun i also made an animation that won an award it was called "bovine surprise" it was about a steak that ate its silverware and that was funny i was a vegetarian since fifth grade that was so i must have made that since fifth grade i think i made it in the summertime between fifth and sixth or something like that i was walking in the commons and sarah cawley came up to me and talked about it she saw it she liked it she was rather odd but not as odd as my other friend sarah
     not as odd as my other friend sarah, sarah alexander, who i met in college she is from texas she sent me a postcard it had an obelisk from some foreign country maybe italy and there was a naked woman that would appear if you held the card right i wonder if she is ok she lives in texas she lives in austin there was that big tropical storm i don't know how far inland it got there was bad flooding probably worse than when it flooded here in portland a few years ago that was early 1996 they called it a "hundred-year-flood" it [START END]

then better things come along