The house, or no, i think it was an apartment, was in an old and funky building. There were old, dark, dusty hardwood floors, a kitchen with little tiny white knobs on the cupboards covered with many years' worth of paint, strange little corridors between bedrooms, and a bathroom. There was a bathroom in the place, and maybe it had a clawfoot bathtub. The floor plan was strangely convoluted and centered on a hallway in the kitchen, on the edge. The building was probably in the Bay Area. I lived with Joyquality, my friend Heather Applegate, my mother, and P_I.

The rodent was small and white and very fuzzy, with long long hair. It would run around and skitter past your feet and under the chair, and was very unnerving. We didn't want it in the house, but we didn't know what to do with it. See, annoying and scary and probably diseased as it was, it was kinda cute. We couldn't just kill it. I decided to do something about our problem, and we chased the rodent from room to room. I ran it through the crazy dusty maze that was our home, slamming doors behind me to trap the thing in one room. Finally i had it trapped in Pseudo_Intellectual's room. P_I wasn't home, and we felt a little bad about sticking the rodent to wreak havoc in his room without him there, but then decided it was the only option, as we were so sick of the rodent.

We could have thrown things at it to crush it, but we didn't really want to kill the rodent ourselves. We thought about sending the cat in to eat it. The cat had a double-wide tail, which was stiff and had two lines of bones. I pet the cat and realized it had two spines, too. It was a double cat. We didn't send the cat in.

Rowan came home, and didn't make any comment on the rodent. He, Kelly, and i took a walk through the neighborhood. We met an old friend of his along the way. He had converted to a bizarre cultish Americanized version of some Indian (Subcontinent) religion, and was dressed in white robes and a turban. He had a wife and four sons. They were all very tan and very skinny, with bones poking up through brown skin. They all wore the same clothing. The kids were brainwashed and very dumb. We sat down in the street and the kids argued. One of them thought that Miami was right next to Los Angeles. The parents stood on the parking strip and smiled vacantly.