I was in a dark, mildly grimy building, on the ground floor. It was here in Germany, I think. Some sort of religious service was going on, apparently Catholic. There were a lot of children in attendence—in fact, I don't think there were any adults about. When the service ended, all the children went up to what looked like a ticket window near the door and gave a grumpy old woman their passports to be stamped. Not really knowing what to do, I followed them.

One by one they got their stamps. There was a special box on the passport on a special page just for this purpose. But when it came to be my turn and I handed my passport to the woman, she looked at it sideways. I didn't have this page, because I didn't have a Catholic Passport. She flipped to the Amendments and Endorsements section and gave me the stamp, along with another stamp and sticker so that I could be officially Catholic on the passport. She gave me an envelope I could use to send to the Passport Agency to get a real Catholic Passport, but this would serve in the meantime

I thanked her and walked away. I was a bit disturbed by the idea of getting a Catholic Passport, but at the same time amused, knowing this woman had no idea whatsoever of my atheist tendencies. I walked out of the building—church?—and into the sunlight, a smile on my face.