Joel Creswell and I were in a Safeway, or a hotel, or a shopping center downtown. In any case, we were on the ground floor. We went into the stairway, which was spiral and brown and rusty and dingy. We went down, and down, and down, well over eight flights. Where were we going?

To hell!

We soon got tired of walking and realized it was a lot farther down to get to hell. So, we got out on one floor and took the elevator, which whisked us ever-so-quickly to the ... bottom floor. We got out, and it appeared to be like any doctor's office in a faceless skyscraper. I knew the Devil had a pseudonym, "Doctor Something-or-other", and so I asked the receptionist to see this doctor. She replied, "I'm sorry, the Doctor is occupied right now. Shall I leave a message?" I replied no, and suddenly was full of fear. It was time to leave, and I retrieved Joel, who had been milling about near the elevator, and we went back to the surface.

Ken was sitting in the middle of the couch in the living room, while my mom, Gram, and I sat on other chairs. To Ken's left was a large, large cat, perhaps 50cm tall while sitting up straight. It had grey-blueish, moderately long fur. Ken was wrapping this cat up in tissue paper, to give to my aunt Gretchen. However, Gretchen hates cats. Ken didn't seem to either be aware of, or care about, this fact. Also, it was two days till Christmas, and Ken didn't really care that the cat was going to be wrapped up for two days, but then again the cat seemed fully aware of and only mildly annoyed by this fact. Ken had assembled this contraption of branches from the Christmas Tree to put on the cat, so it looked like it had pine needle antlers. The cat turned and looked at me, seeming to think, "When will he ever be done?"