Dachau, about 50km North of Munich is the site of the first Nazi concentration camp. It has been turned into a permanent memorial by the survivors committee, and can be visited daily, except Monday.

Although Dachau had a gas chamber built in 1942, it had not been used by the time the prisoners were liberated by American GIs in April 1945. Dachau, unlike Auschwitz, was not a death camp, although it is likely that several million people died there.

Hitler and Himmler were apparently so impressed with the design of the Dachau concentration camp, that it became a model for all the others.

Today Dachau is a quiet village with excellent train services, lots of tourists, signs in English, and cheap property.

Thorneau: The Munich U-Bahn doesn't extend as far as Dachau. Visitors should take the S-Bahn (the S2 from Munich hbf) and then the visitors bus from the station. Good alternatives are car or bike.