olineham may be interested to discover that he is yet another person to be fooled by Peter Jackson's 'forgotten silver' documentary.

The documentary by New Zealand director Peter Jackson (currently directing the highly anticipated Lord of the Rings trilogy), is a complete farce, and makes fun of the insecureities that many New Zealanders have that they are being somehow oppressed by bigger counties like the US and Australia. Among other amasing revelations, the documentary shows how the first colour motion picture film was invented by a New Zealander - made with eggs (which he stole). In fact, not only did we beat the Wright brothers to powered flight, but one of our film directors (who somehow nobody knew of untill now) died during the filming of a Ben Hur sized epic, and the entire set was lost somewhere in New Zealand's lush forests. Fortunatly, Peter Jackson and his crew were able to track it down for us, and had so many people believing him that he was forced to make a public apology to the country.

I guess we don't like looking like idiots either.

New Zealand is also a great place to live, and a beautiful place to visit. Yay for us.