Noders with bigger hands can move onto the three-way cut once they master the above trick. The adventurous can even attempt a 4-way or 5-way (or n-way cut, assuming you have hands like andre the giant).

  1. Begin in the same starting position described above - Hand in a U, with the cards held sideways & face down. They should be held at the tips of your fingers so there is room for a card to fit on it's side under them.
  2. By loosening your thumb, let a small packet of cards (about 1/3) drop down. They should fall so they sit at the base of the thumb. (Again, exactly as described above, but with slightly less cards).
  3. Push the dropped cards up towards your thumb using your index finger, keeping the bottom edge of the cards at the base of your thumb.
  4. Here's where it gets a litle tricky. You have to push the packet past the edge of the cards, but not let the top cards fall into your palm. Do this by letting them rest on the top of your index finger. This is much easier with an old deck because the cards will be less slippy. Push the (now vertical) packet of cards under the joint of your thumb, then grip the top packet again with the tip of your thumb. You are now in the same starting position described in step 1, except you have a packet of cards held between your palm and thumb joint.
  5. Now drop another 1/3 of the cards onto your palm from the top 2/3. You now have 3 packets of roughly 1/3 each, aranged in a triangular arangement (if looked at side on).
  6. To finish the cut, loosen your grip on the vertical packet (held by your thumb joint) so they fall under the top cards, on top of the packet on your palm. Then loosen your grip on the top packet, allowing it to drop down and complete the cut.

With this cut the top 1/3 remains the top 1/3, so you should follow this with a normal cut or people will think you are cheating them.

To do a 4-way or beyond, repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 before finishing the cut. You are in effect adding small packs of cards to the group under your thumb.

It's also important not to do these tricks too fast. You might think it's impressive, but the audience usually doesn't notice what you did. Doing it slowly and effortlessly is the best way to show off with this sort of thing.