experiment in the human condition: day 4

Today, depression sets in.

I'm sure this isn't really the place for me to be spouting about how shitty things have become.
Anyways, I've never been a big fan of the whole angst movement; So I'll keep this short.

My girlfriend waited until I got to work today to call me and tell me that she's going home to Jerusalem for a little while. She wants to "think things over". I suppose she'd rather be there, blocks from the Sbarro bombing, than at home, to try to work things out. Par for the course, I suppose.

This seems to be the season for everything to fall apart. Just in the time I've typed this, 3 more of my friends have told me of the sense of impending doom in their relationships. This is before I've said anything about mine. Odd.

Beyond that, I've been doing some reflecting myself... A few days ago, I had mentioned that I was distressed about the way people have been reacting to the tragedy on the 11th. A friend of mine was kind enough to gently remind me that I was merely being a grumpy old man about it, and that I wasn't really looking at the big picture.
He was right, of course. Throughout this, since this has happened, the nation has really pulled together, and done some wonderful, wonderful things. My next door neighbor is a fireman, and just got home from NYC for a few days. He's a changed man; that tells me how bad it must be there; since this is no stranger to death and all things horrible.

Still... I can't help but think that we should have been as kind to begin with. By no means am I saying this from a soap-box, I'm just as guilty as not caring as the next guy.

It looks like my travel has been delayed again. It's really quite odd to be living out of a suitcase while you're still at home.. Maybe next week I'll fly.

I can't bring myself to get excited about my next trip to London... I really do like it there, but I'm just going to be working working working.