There are two main ways of cooking these tasty little fuckers. The first is to heat some oil in a frying pan on medium heat, perhaps chop in a little bit of garlic or onion, and then drop the perogies in. Flip them over when the bottom is lightly browned (well your gonna have to lift it up and look under okay), and take them out when both sides are done. Alternately, bake them in the oven (on a greased cookie tray) at about 350 until golden brown.

As a side note, it is rather easy to make them by hand. Make some mashed potatoes, chop in some brocolli, some cheese, maybe a little oregano, and then divide into small lumps. Encase these lumps in some dough (something of a hybrid dough between (bread/biscuits/pastry), use a fork to mash down the edges, and you are set.