Introspective, a peaceful self contained time to run through familiar motions.

At home, to keep the pantry clean it is necesarry to do the dishes exactly after they are done being used. One slip and apathy sets in, the sink gets stacky and a week goes by in a second. I am like that. Barefoot if possible, water splashes from the old tap into the three times wide shallow porcelain then further to my shirt. Lots of shit falls down the drain, stashed for later I tell myself.

Away, a little bit of treat. Relentlessly, I do dishes when I am at anothers house when I dirty some, often a couple more while I am at it. It feels nice cleaning surfaces till the grit is gone, shining smooth again, an affordable rebirth. Easier with no pressure to do all or any. Take as you need for even the smallest will be appreciated. People tend to be messy and clumsy guests, it bothers me endlessly such that I am conciously delicate of others constructed environments.