It is precisely the afformentioned mindset which will prevent anything positive from happening at all.

I am too inconsequential to make a difference, therefore I will do nothing.

This is the same reason some people give for not voting at all, because they think that they are too small to make a dent against people voting the opposite way. So they do, nothing. And more nothing. And wonder why nothing they want to have happen ever happens. They complain, and become jaded, and still, nothing happens.

What needs to take place is for people to have their own initiative. There will be no instant gratification, the things that people feel oppressing them will not topple in an instant. Change can be painfully slow and gradual, and often incomplete. Many things end in compromise. That is not a reason to give up entirely, do what you think is right even if people mock you and claim that it makes no difference. That you are a hopeless idealist and wasting your time. Your effort and conviction will often inspire other people to join in, help you, and begin to build momentum. As individuals it will be hard and take a long time for things to change, but with a foundation and growth, there is a much greater chance to have an impact. Conditions were not improved by people sitting on their asses complaining and saying that they would never improve.
In a brief response to those below (though I am not happy how much this node has deviated from the topic, it may be wise to do a node title edit)


I think that you read too deeply and make assuptions about what I am promoting. I have not deferred working outside of the system at all, and in fact am in favor of that. Because I encourage people to not give up on change from within the system as well, this does not mean I think it is the only and sufficient way to accomplish positive movement. I am not promoting the passive opt out strategy, on the contrary I think an active and concious change from every angle instead of a singular approach will be more affective. Such that people on the inside will be ready and more capable of understanding those pushing from the outside. Perhaps you feel that trying to change an existing system lends too much affirmation to that system, I do not feel that way, that mindset seems to encourage apathy more than anything. Therefore, I will not condemn supporting things which are positive, though not positive enough to be total, to simply feelgood and cowardly activism. That is counterproductive, damaging, and divisive. Rather, include them within a larger set of things which must be done.


Yes, local change is excellant. It often helps to bridge the gap that most people feel exists between movements for positive change and the general populace, making it relevant and pertinent to them. Something they can relate to and understand instead of nameless faceless people chanting and running around amidst smoke and police which is presented to them as a riot through the television screen, contrary to what is actually happening. It is certainly within the scope of what I am talking about - though I am slightly and intentionaly vague in my writeup. That is because there is too much to specifically mention, and instead I would simply like to promote change and effort as a whole instead of just relegating myself to one single aspect.