sort of shifted, really.

Tossing and turning in bed as the soft summer heat lulled me into a shifty sleep. The jumbled thoughts of transition now fading to a scene presented. From my vantage placed with a birds eye view of my room, the living room, and the front porch all crammed into a single crowded composition. Now sitting on the couch within the arrangement I was distressed at how cluttered it was. Talking with jody. Trying to ply me with her most recent boy troubles, I patiently explained to her that though I cared I really could not help her through this yet again. She was looking so delicate beautiful with short wavey gold hair as she reached over and began to strangulate me. Her hands clenched harder around my throat and the idea of this as a game was replaced with a dull rushing fear. Tightening further choking we tumbled off the couch as I tried through the enveloping sluggish murky thick to place my hands on her neck in return. Everything was too slow I weakly tried to hit her on the head she wouldnt stop everything fading grey I was dying. Jolted awake frightened at the last moment. Verging on death sitting upright in bed. I walked out to the front porch with inviting sun and sat down calming myself. I laid on the couch while the sun touched only my legs making them an uncomfortable and pleasant hot and worked on falling asleep again. The flies patiently bothered me.