Drifting half awake among the blankets and pillows, the phone ringing grows louder until I stumble out and pick it up. On the other end the voice of Mac, he wants to know if I am going to be around this weekend, he is riding the greyhound into town. A small breakfast, clear the living room of some clutter, and then drive out to the new office. There is a little bit of work that needs to be done, and then I drive to the greyhound station and wait for the bus to pull in. We drive to this huge junk store in a decrepit barn which is in an adjacent town, moving slowly down the towering aisles piled high with dusty shapes. We are searching for wheels suitable for a soap box car, find nothing even of interest beyond that except boxes upon boxes of door knobs.

On the way back into town we stop in to see Mac's parents at thier house. They are remodeling the entire place which they purchased about a year ago, walls torn out and a new hardwood floor inlaid. New appliances have been purchased for the kitchen, they are of the yuppy stainless steel variety. We talk for a while, common to small town life I detect that my parents are intertwined reasonbly close to his. We drive back to my house, drop off the car, and walk towards the campus restaurant area to meet his parents for free dinner. It is in a place I have avoided for some reason , the food is not bad, however a little on the dry and bland side. Done eating and on the way out, there is Paul waiting in line to order. He is in town for the weekend and Kirsten is with him, probably meet up with him later on. Stopping in at a coffee house to play a couple games of chess, we run into Jeanne and Rebecca. I quickly lose four games in a row, and we continue our walk downtown with the intent of renting a movie. It is agreed that it is finally time to rent Endless Summer, and the video store no longer carries it. Somehow that scuttled all plans for movie watching and it is decided that scavenging for soap box car wheels will be more fun.

A backpack full of tools, driving around through alleys, and a brief stop by a party which I was invited to by my sister. Only sticking around long enough to say hello, we cut out and continue our search. The power steering on the car is making jittery robot noises which is a little unsettling, looking at the fluid level, it is slowly getting lower which means trouble. Finally we find a pair of wheels in a secluded space and we begin our operation to remove them from what they are attached to. After we finish, I drop Mac off at his parents and go home to do a little reading (Cross Creek, Marjorie Rawlings) before bed time.