The days are slipping through too quickly. It took a long time to get out of bed this morning, the bed was soft and comfortable. Shortly after I made it out, I got back in.

My mechanic called and we talked over the work on my car, it is now to a point where he feels happy. He is an unusual mechanic, caring deeply about the condition of my car, shockingly honest, I am lucky to finally have him. The total rolls in around $1,500, not bad since I expect to spend $2,000 a year on assorted upkeep. He details some of the things my previous mechanic fucked up deep inside the car. I thank him his diligent work. It will nice to drive again, a roadtrip to Canada is likely now.

Lounging on the green gold couch, I enjoy the taste of pie for breakfast. In the dreams I shed upon waking, I had purchased cereal, so it was a bit disappointing to find the cupboards empty. The sounds of a train echos into the house, I grab the camera and a pair of shoes, walking down to sit on a curb near the tracks. There is a nice, large, gritty rock that I amuse myself with until the steel rolls into view. Walking away afterwards, I notice the barrel of the zoom lens appears loose, something rattles inside, and it irritates me.

A short bath, and then I am away walking. First the bank to shuffle money around, the tellers are always nice in a non-plastic way. There are so many people to watch on my way under leaves and sun shadows, interesting, attractive, curious people. Near work, a car honks, and it is not until the distance between is cut in half that I recognize who it is and wave back. Part of that is eyesight, the other is a routine problem comprehending things I see. A change of hairstyle which will not throw others off, can render someone a complete stranger to me. Part of this may relate to my absence of visual memory, I am not sure, it does not bother me very much anyways.

Eyes feel slightly tired today, work is very vacant quiet right now.