I buried Jeremy up to his head in sand on the side of the dune. It was a lot of work without a bucket, covered with dry sifty sand all in my pockets shoes and hair. He had a hard time getting out. I watched the stars blink and hold steady for a long time, watched a couple fall into easily recognizeable constellations. Then a huge bright shooting star which made us all gasp and break the heavy silence. It was nice no city lights on the horizon. It was cold as winter, then a little more with the ocean wind digging through. I had on four layers which was just about right, enough to let the cold pierce through without chilling to the bones.

Back in Eugene from the sand dunes around 4:30 am, we piled into Bodhi's house through the side door left unlocked for us. Jeremy went home and I passed out on the couch from exhuastion. Selena emerged from the bathroom and told me to come to Bodhi's bed when I was tired of being uncomfortable (curled up on the end of the couch). I should have stayed there, would have, but the overhead light was on. I got up right as I was drifting to sleep and turned it off, then decided to move to the bed. I slept a restless light sleep strange few dreams. The vivid one I recall was peculiar in its twists and action movie style.

I was hanging out with Tyler and Jessica at my house, we decided to go downtown to the store to get something to snack on. Walking through the streets and fields I noticed an unusual amount of police cars, enough to make me suspicious of them. Then a helicopter flew overhead and looped around us a bit before leaving. Another emerged on the horizon to take its place, sweeping its searchlight over the evening ground, locking onto and following us. We ducked into a stairwell that led to a basement, and then continued on only to be pursued by further helicopter trained spotlights until we reached a quiet side street with plenty of trees to cover our movement. I heard a shot off to the side and ducked behind some parked cars only to see Tyler and Jessica fall dead to the concealed sniper. After a moment, on the roof across the street a mob of police in riot gear descended on the sniper and tackled him. It turns out, the police said, they had heard this man wanted to kill us and so they had been trying to protect us the entire time with police cars and helicopters. The said that Tyler had broken into the mans store (this is depicted visually) in the night to steal money. The man had heard something and come to look at the door which Tyler had forced open to gain entry. Tyler had hidden, then come up behind the man and bludgeoned him with a brick before running off. I had several more hours of fitful sleep until Bodhi crept in and snuck under the covers between us.