Here is a little history on the park, though it is word of mouth and may be askew due to that. Originaly it started as a squatting skate park, people initiated construction of it without consent from the city. Concrete was poured here and there in a crude manner the park took shape. It grew and changed as additions were made, the quality gradualy improved. The city initally tolerated and eventually accepted the park, though not without rough times. The surrounding buisinesses complained of the park attracting vandalism, homeless people, etc. (whine whine). I believe one of the people key to its construction is Red, he is now employed by cities on contract from time to time to assist with the planning and contruction of new skateparks. I remember skating there at various times in the past, each time I went it was nicer, smoother, more integrated, and cleaner. From time to time graffiti writers will paint productions on the front wall facing the street (I believe these are with quasi permission), or simply bomb parts of the interior without permission.