..to knot all the blankets and bedsheets together. She quickly got to work tearing the covers from the bed, whereupon she noticed something sparkling from under the bed. Moving down on her hands and knees for a closer look, she saw a complex bramble of wires and gleaming pipes. Tugging this out, it was revealed to be the jet-pack that she had mail ordered many years ago and completely forgotten. Quickly strapping herself into this, she pressed the ignition and it began to hum. Carefully edging out onto the window sill, she turned the jet-pack to full power and burst from the building into the sky.

Weaving and diving among spires pointing sunwards, below the soft rolling clouds she felt a lightness enter her heart. Now fixing in a northwards direction, the complex tangles of the city slowly gave way to smooth dotted greens of the country. Skimming over the small hills and tree-tops she finally slowed down approaching a small cottage with a smoking chimney. Landing and proceeding to store the jet-pack in a bush for safe keeping, she tidied up and knocked on the door. After several moments the door opened..