The dangers of leaving one's medication at college when visiting home for the weekend are not just limited to psychotrophic prescription drugs. Last year I was on this antibiotic, Erythromycen or something like that for my skin, not for any sickness...I had been on it for about a week when I went home and forgot it...I had been on it just long enough for it to kill all of the good bacteria in my body, you know, the type that keeps you from letting the bad bacteria take that weekend I went out and partied (staying up all night on LSD does wonders for the immune system as well, I'm sure)...and the next night I started getting sick, which I would have just chalked up to me mistreating my body and being done with it. However, when I get back to school, I get assaulted...within the day I have a lung infection, throat infection, sinus infection, ear infection, pink eye, and a fucking yeast infection...all at the same time. So I go to the doctor and he gives me another antibiotic ("don't keep taking the erythromycen while you're on this" he tells me, no fucking shit! That erythromycen is never coming near me.) and eye drops and the like and in a few days all the infections are gone, but I was in bed for almost a week. Now I always have backup medication at home.