Actually, being an expert at the fine art of being single, there are some actual advantages to being single. It's not that bad, people!

First of all, when you become involved with someone else, you become boring. I've seen this happen to all of my friends. When they get involved, they suddenly morph into this creature that only feeds off of the life force of another. That's all they think about, all they care about, and it's boring as hell. (These are the same people who come running back to you wanting a shoulder to cry on when their wonderful boyfriend has broken their hearts while virtually ignoring you the whole time of the relationship. Nice, huh?)

Second, it IS nice to have freedom of choice. You can't enjoy having crushes, you can't experience the feeling of having a guy or girl you like call you for the first time when you're involved in a relationship. And I don't think a boyfriend would approve of me going out to clubs and whoring my underage body out for drinks, even if I don't let anyone touch me.

Third, you become completely dependant on another person. You're also accountable. If your significant other doesn't approve of your extracurricular activities, such as drinking, psychedelic usage, or even stepping inside the doors to raves, guess what? You can't do it without getting a lot of crap for it. Yeah yeah, they're supposed to love you for who you are. But guess what? They don't!

You might get lonely every once in a while, but the freedom that you get is a definate bonus.