I'm nineteen years old and last night I just realized what this saying meant. I don't know how this happened at all, I mean, I consider myself relatively intelligent and know that I'm not completely delusional, but I was stoned for the first time in ages and we drove by the Glass House Liquor Store. Contemplating what a dumb name that was for a liquor store and why anyone would choose to name their liquor store that, I thought about the little phrase and realized I'd been thinking about it all wrong. When I thought about people in glass houses, I always thought it was about people who live in houses that other people could see in, not about the shattering properties of glass. It totally blew my fucking mind, let me tell you. I felt like I had been living a lie....well, not quite. :) But it was definitely unsettling, I mean what other stuff have I been oblivious to this whole time?