I had a strange weekend and the days all seem to run together for me so I'm just noding it under this one. Spooks in Space was supposed to be in Columbia, MO (drive of 2 hours) but got moved to St. Louis (drive of 4 hours, see It's a sign!). So we get to the rave finally, bad directions mean about an hour of driving aimlessly around the city and through the ghetto, (I thought I was going to die!). We'd been at the venue before, it's a tiny venue and the floor seems like it's always about to give way. The vibe inside was dark as hell, the moment we entered the room we were offered ecstasy and nervous about if it was real, we bought it anyway (there really is no way to turn down the stuff). We tried to dance to the hardcore in the main room. I love hardcore but this shit was dark and the crowd was dark. It was hot as hell. The other room wasn't any better. I can't start rolling in this place, I decided, so we got out of there fast.

There was a chill-out tent outside so we went there and met some nice people. Lo and behold this e that I thought was bunk started to kick in. Excellent. So of course I want to start dancing, but I'm in the chill-out tent. I despair for a few moments because I can't go back to that rave. It's evil.

In the tent we run into this dude that always sells us excellent acid. What the hell, buy a hit each. Then I see a bunch of people leaving the rave, decide to go back in. The e makes the darkness bearable, (plus, the hardcore went away, yay for disco house!) Kim wants to sit down, so we go outside again. She still wants to sit down so I go back in with some nice girls. Main room is too crowded, but the jungle in the other room suits me just fine. Jungle stops, Gabber starts. Never a big gabber fan, but I loved this stuff. It seems that "dark" is not bothering me much anymore. I run outside and grab Kim, she needs to hear this shit. Gabber is super. More hardcore after that. I stopped dancing for maybe five minutes all night. At 5AM I realize that ravers are spirits who, while the rest of the world is sleeping, destroy the previous day and create the new one. By 7 AM I was ready to fall over but kept dancing. The music stopped eventually.

Shared the drive home. Acid is good for long road trips, I was told earlier in the evening.

Have a beer and take a shower. I proceed to pass out for the next 14 hours. I wake up and log onto everything, use all my votes by 6AM and notice I am the second to the top person on current users. Yay for me! :)