It was nice to finally have a Saturday in which I wasn't stuck doing homework all day. I got to sit around my dorm room, drink Two Dogs, listen to Radiohead, and sew some green pants. This is the life, let me tell you. I also got out my clarinet and played for the first time in months! I wasn't that horrible, but since I'm going to Europe with my wind ensemble next summer, I'd better practice more regularly.

In the evening I was supposed to go to a rave in Kansas City that turned out to be in this club in Lawrence so we decided not to go, subscribing to our the-longer-it-takes-you-to-drive-to-a-party-the-more-fun-it-will-be philosophy. (Maybe I should node that someday.) Plus we didn't want to pay $15-$20 to get into Tremors, which we usually go to for like, $4. It just seemed wrong. So we rented Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory instead, watched it at our place with a bottle of cheap (but good!) wine.