I was on the most bizarre camping trip ever. My family was there, including my dad who was alive, as was my roommate and her family, and quite possibly other people. The landscape was beautifully devoid of trees and there was a huge hill as big as a mountain but not rocky or steep, a hill that you could roll down forever it seemed, on one side of it. The other side was where we were camping and there was an ocean or large lake on that side. This was quite a popular campsite because many people camping. Guys were trying to pick up on me but my dad kept scaring them off. There was a museum at the campsite but it was only accessibly via an extremely narrow walkway over water. The walkway apparently free standing and was made out of straw. There was another building over the water that was accessible by the walkway, but there was a huge gap between where I was standing and the building. My dad and Kim had gone to the museum and I was supposed to meet them there, however when I tried to cross the walkway alone it started to shake violently and I had to grab onto the walkway and crouch down low and it finally stopped. I sat there crying until my dad and Kim came out of the museum and took me back to the campsite.